The practitioner undertakes to:

1. Exercise his activity with humility, honesty and faith, without discrimination, in the best interests of the client, without exercising any value judgement.

2. Never ask for a treatment to be interrupted and refer a client without delay to a doctor or another practitioner if he/she is in a better position to treat the case.

3. Although creative visualization is essential in the healing process, it must remain solely in the mind of the therapist. The therapist cannot promise a result that could give false hope.

4. Refrain from any disparaging, defamatory or insulting discourse, or speech that calls into question the quality and effectiveness of the various healthcare professions.

5. Not to take advantage of the influence associated with their role, and in particular to exclude any form of religious, political or sectarian proselytism.

6. Allow the customer complete freedom of therapeutic choice at all times, and to respect and promote their autonomy as much as possible, in particular by allowing a period of one month between each appointment.

7. Strictly respect the obligation of professional secrecy, and take all measures to ensure personal hygiene and the hygiene of the consultation area necessary for proper treatment.

8. Clearly explain to clients the nature, prices and terms and conditions of sessions.

9. Comply with legal and regulatory obligations in force.

10. Do not announce a new problem for which there is no solution, risking further plunging your client into disarray; mainly issues linked to the invisible, and therefore “unverifiable” : previous life, transgenerational, wandering soul, bad luck…