« I came to see Amanda several times, for stomach aches, migraines and to boost my energy. She is a very professional, very pleasant person who puts us at ease and welcomes us in a zen and cocooning atmosphere. The sessions do a lot of good, both physically and morally, we feel in great shape at the end of the treatment. Amanda gives us advice on how to maintain this feeling of well-being. I recommend Amanda who will listen to you and your body. »


« I contacted Amanda to find the right person to help me after a complicated colonoscopy followed by Covid with loss of smell which made me very tired. After her remote intervention, Amanda in Paris and me in Lyon, my condition really improved in the following days when I was able to resume my activities (sport, etc.), eat normally again. I would like to take this opportunity to thank her again. »


“I saw Amanda for endometriosis and fertility issues. What I felt immediately was a disappearance of pain and above all an immense warmth in my stomach, as if a light were filling me entirely. It was wonderful. Beyond the relief of symptoms, it was truly a pure moment of reconnection with myself: Magnificent treatment! Thanks again 😉 »

« I felt quite a bit blocked from taking action in my professional and personal life. Amanda referred me to karmic treatment to see if any wishes had been made previously. I was amazed by the liberation felt at the end of the treatment and the following days. » Amy

« A bubble of serenity, calm and well-being…Thank you Amanda for what you brought me! I can only recommend your treatments which allowed me to soothe my pregnancy pain but also the eczema that I have been carrying for years. Thank you also for my daughter, for whom you were able to soothe her little skin problems. Many thanks for your advice and kindness. »

« I contacted Amanda for several reasons: physical pain in my back and stomach for example, but also for stress management. She therefore provided me with various treatments, always being very kind and attentive. Which I think makes the difference. His care really relieved me. Amanda is really passionate about what she does, I have always had clear explanations of the care received, which immediately gives me confidence. » Chloé

« I consulted Amanda for transgenerational care in order to release blockages linked to past generations. It was at a distance but I still felt the power of this treatment and especially its benefit a few days later when I felt much freer to create.. »


« I met Amanda for several treatments : a global treatment, energetic cleansing, karmic release, chakra rebalancing, organ purging treatment, cranial magnetism and a transgenerational liberation treatment. It brought me a lot into my life on the 4 levels of my Being. Amanda is the assured successor to Sandrine Muller. Thanks again. » Dahmane

“I had the chance to meet Amanda for a session of global magnetism and purging and rebalancing of vital organs. She is a beautiful person, very human. These treatments are effective and in a relaxing atmosphere. I can't wait to discover other treatments. »

« I recommend Amanda’s care. It was a very good experience and in my opinion, it is an alternative to relieve certain ailments. For me, there was a positive aftermath: much less stress and tension in my body. »

« I was lucky enough to benefit from Amanda’s care on several occasions. It was a first for me and one thing is certain: from now on I will absolutely not hesitate to repeat the experience! The benefits are generally felt (very) quickly, whatever the disorder or pain. Certainly, the care provided by Amanda is worth the detour. »

« I have no particular health problem, just extreme fatigue that I have had for several months. I tried the treatment offered by Amanda, without knowing the discipline, and during the session you felt disconnected from the world and it was extremely relaxing, as if you were in a “my bubble”, cut off from everything. After the session I felt exhausted but in a good way, as if all the negative had left me, and a few days later I had a boost of energy, 100% full battery with an additional external battery; -). Thank you for everything. »