« Everything is energy and that is all there is to it. Match the freqency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics. » – Einstein

« Magnetic energy is the elemental energy on which the life of all organisms depends. »

Pr W. Heisenberg, Nobel Prize in Physics, 1932

Global magnetism treatment – 45 min / 70 euros

It is an energy treatment that rebalances the entire body and strengthens the immune system by recirculating all vital energy. It helps to raise your energy level and reboosts all the chakras.  

This treatment is very useful to :

– remove the harmful effects of medications and facilitate the evacuation of toxins

– help to reduce the intensity and frequency of migraine attacks and allows nervous rebalancing

– contribute to well-being in the event of intense fatigue or overwork

– degenerative and autoimmune diseases

– joint disorders

– respiratory, heart or lung problems

– help to cope with the side effects of treatment in the event of serious pathologies over the long term

– it is a great help during women’s cycle disorders

– support in cases of addictions, eating disorders, thyroid disorders.

Associated with cranial magnetism at the end of the treatment, it allows tensions and stress to be released through the pressure of the fingers on the meridians. What follows is a great physical, psychological and emotional liberation and we emerge relaxed and revitalized. 

The effects of the treatment last between 3 weeks and a month. In cases of chronic pain, cancer, or polyarthritis, it is advisable to come every month. 

« The true value of a human being is determined primarily by the measure and the sense in which he has attained to liberation from the self .  »

Albert Einstein

Cranial magnetism treatment – 30 min / 30 euros

The person lies or sits on an armchair and relaxes to the rhythm of relaxing music. 

This treatment relieves stress, anxiety, migraines, headaches, tinnitus, neck problems, attention disorders and hyperactivity, sleep disorders, asthma, epilepsy and contributes to well-being. 

It allows you to release tension and stress through the pressure of your fingers on the meridians. 

It restores balance to the nervous system, which quickly leads to calming and relaxation of the body and mind. It allows you to regain motivation, concentration, memory, self-confidence, calm and relaxation. We emerge relaxed, light and revitalized.

The benefits are : 

– Reduction of stress and anxiety

– Reduction of pain in cases of migraines, headaches, tinnitus, neck problems, asthma and epilepsy

– Reduction in attention disorders and sleep disorders

The effects of the treatment last between 3 weeks and a month.

This is also the treatment that I offer to businesses.

« Take care of your body so that your soul will want to stay there .  » – Indian Proverb

Purging and rebalancing of vital organs – 30 min / 50 euros

During this treatment, I first start by purging the 5 vital organs: the gallbladder, liver, stomach, pancreas and spleen; then I rebalance the entire Chi Circuit and restore the energies of the organs: heart, lungs, liver, spleen, kidneys. This allows a physical but also emotional purge, because each organ is associated with an emotion (often repressed).

The organs all interact in a closed circuit, so if one organ does not function correctly, it causes the others to malfunction. 

If an organ has been removed (gallbladder, etc.), the person needs it all the more because the organ still exists energetically and it is even necessary to work even more on it, precisely because the body has a memory. 

When doing it ? For who ?

– If an organ is affected (e.g. for the Heart: tachycardia, cardiac arrhythmia)

– For people with a shifted pace of life or work : parents who wake up several times during the night, if frequent time shifts or if they work 3/8 (caregiver, airline staff)

– In case of serious pathologies, medications, gastric reflux, heartburn 

– Anytime for prevention or maintenance.

How often ? I also invite you to do it regularly (once a month or every 3 months), because like a car, your body needs a little overhaul of its organs, a purge and an energy upgrade. 

« Nothing binds you except your thoughts; Nothing limits you except your fears; and nothing controls you except your beliefs.  » – Marianne Williamson

« Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts can. But once mastered, no one can help you that much. » – Buddha

Reprogramming a limiting belief into a positive one – 40 min / 60 euros

It is a treatment that will be able to reprogram everything that limits emotionally, psychologically, all repeating patterns, limiting beliefs, fears, blockages or self-sabotage. It also protects against toxic energies and installs protection against negative or toxic energies and purifies the aura. 

Any illness or belief is a wrong program. It's all the phrases and expressions that we say to ourselves and which self-sabotage (“I'm worthless, I can't do anything, I'm ashamed, I'm afraid...”).

How does the treatment take place?

You must first identify the erroneous program, the limiting belief by means of a kinesiological test to properly target the problem. 

Then I install the new program : perfect health, self-confidence, sovereignty, detoxification of toxic emotions, love, money, healing, academic or professional success... which will replace the erroneous program.

It is very effective for what concerns love, money, healing, academic (exam) or professional (project) success, sacrifice (those who give too much and who are empty), victimization, legitimacy, struggle, forgiveness, hatred...It can be reused each time you detect a new limiting belief, a fear or a blockage. Once installed, the program remains for life. 

« Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results !  » – Albert Einstein

Removal of a karmic blockage, past life wish, phobia – 40 min / 70 euros

Past lives are like layers of an onion (we say « it sticks to me », « c’est plus fort que moi "), and a blockage or recurring problem can be explained by the fact that we are still manipulated by wish or an event from a previous life, like a puppet. They cause what are called karmic wounds.

Phobias or fears can be explained by the way in which we died in a previous life and the body retains the stigmata (in the form of scars, angiomas, wine stains, moles, etc.) to give us the chance to get rid of it.

Vows fulfilled may be the vow of eternal love, chastity, self-denial, silence, obedience, solitude, poverty or healing. They are very powerful because they are honored outside space-time and if they have never been broken or canceled, they continue to act as self-enchantments or it can be a punishment that the person inflicts on themselves to pay debt. karmic and thus be sure not to start again.

How do we know if we have past lives to release, karmic blockages or unbroken vows ?

– In case of phobias, blockages, fears (spiders, etc.)

– Repetition patterns

– If we cannot manage to be sovereign, to decide, to launch

– In case of anorexia, bulimia, overweight, obesity  

– If you can’t find love, stutter or don’t speak…

 They must therefore be canceled to break the toxic links, and because they no longer have any reason to exist today. We can thus erase our karmic debts and evolve much more quickly, carry out more beautiful actions (altruism, etc.) and reconsider the problematic situation from another angle. We do not break all communication, but only what is toxic, then we will no longer be manipulated by this wish. 

For example, nowadays we no longer need to take people's illnesses (in the case of a wish for healing), it is no longer transmitted by legacy or transmission, and we no longer need to be poor when we wish to heal...If we have made a vow of eternal love, this can explain why we cannot find love in this life...

« Crises, upheavals and illness do not arise by chance. They serve as indicators for us to rectify a trajectory, explore new directions, experiment with another life path. » – Carl Gustav Jung

Life path : removal of traumatism (childhood, transgenerational, karmic) – 45 min / 70 euros

The path of life is a shamanic technique of soul recovery. It is a brief therapy which is found in other variants in NLP, Hypnotherapy, family constellations and kinesiology.

When a person experiences a traumatic event, the body produces somatization, a physical crystallization of a poorly managed emotion, acting like a temporary bandage. However, with each trigger (an annoyance, a strong emotion, etc.), this bandage is torn off and reveals a “raw wound”. By removing the pain and the memory of anxiety or stress that is anchored in the body, we destroy this harmful link and we definitively close the case. 

How does the treatment take place?

We go back to the moment of the trauma (the moment when somatization was produced) in order to give the body the possibility of experiencing the event again. Then we clean the physical and/or emotional wound, while transmuting the pain into relief, or even “well-being, to stop post-traumatic stress.

This technique applies to any difficulty in life (blockage, trauma, limiting belief, repeating pattern, phobia, etc.), whether conscious, unconscious, and even to situations that we no longer remember. Thanks to the life path, we can work on a trauma that occurred during the patient's life, but we can also work on transgenerational traumas, or on traumas experienced in a previous life.


« When we are born we arrive with transgenerational baggage (from our ancestors) which does not belong to us. We must welcome them in order to free ourselves from them. To do this we have to open the suitcases and understand what they wanted to leave us. The longer you take to open them, the heavier they are to drag around. » – Ludovic Louis

Transgenerational liberation : cleansing the toxic links of the paternal and maternal lines – 45 min / 70 euros  

The aim of this treatment is to trace the lineage of the father and mother, to focus on the repeating patterns, the character traits that you hate, which you inherited from ancestors or the toxic DNA bequeathed by the ancestors, then to definitively break the toxic links that persist between the protagonists in order to free yourself. It allows you to break toxic transgenerational ties only (even if the parent concerned has died, because the energy is outside space-time) and to reintegrate positive legacies such as the strengths, qualities and talents of your ancestors. 

This saving release provides immediate relief, makes old patterns disappear in favor of creativity and new energy and removes difficult character traits. You also free your descendants. les vieux schémas au profit d’une créativité et d’une nouvelle énergie et de supprimer les traits de caractère difficiles. Vous libérez également vos descendants.

The transgenerational explains in particular the patterns which persist in an entire family lineage, such as “women beaten from mother to daughter”, “women who must take care of themselves from mother to daughter”, “alcoholics from father to son”, “anorexia or bulimia which affects all women of the same lineage etc…” 

« Any structure that does not follow its purpose self-destructs » – Nicolas Proupain

Energetic cleansing, refocusing of the aura and rebalancing of energies – 30 min / 50 euros  

The shift in the aura often occurs following a significant physical or emotional shock: accident, extreme sport, fall, bereavement, separation, divorce, pressure at work, etc. 

It can lead to a weakening of the organs corresponding to the offset side, with the possibility of fracture due to weakening of the bones, recurring inflammatory diseases (tendinitis, sciatica), headaches, dizziness, permanent fatigue, depression, burn-out, etc. or when we bump into ourselves regularly, fall often or drop objects.  

It is followed by a rebalancing of the Yin (feminine energies) and Yang (masculine energies) energies and allows you to refocus, to be rebalanced and to feel good about yourself. 

A shift to the left induces a lack of energy, serious permanent fatigue and even a tendency to depression. A shift to the right reflects a period of stress, too much mental thinking, imminent burnout.


Reduction of pain or injuries – 30 euros

Skin disorders, smoking, joint discomfort, endometriosis, burns…..

All treatments are carried out both in person and remotely.